Our mission is to combine unique artistry and superior technical innovation to craft luxury jigsaw puzzles exclusively out of metal.

The Clydes

Peter and Kayla Clyde are a husband and wife team from Richland, Washington.

Peter is the Designer, Craftsman, Engineer, and Innovator. Peter has notebooks full of ideas for future designs and is constantly experimenting with new art and processes. 

Kayla is the Communications Director and Lead Strategist. Kayla brings a focus on customer care and quality assurance, making sure that every Lazels owner feels like part of the family.

Before becoming a puzzle maker, Peter was an electrical engineer and Kayla taught English as a Second Language. Together they had a vision to create a type of jigsaw puzzle the world had never seen before; puzzles crafted like jewelry.

Contact Us: theclydes@lazels.com

Michael Nix

Michael is a craftsman and puzzlesmith who joined the Lazels family at the start of 2023. With an attention to detail and tolerance for nothing but perfection, Michael strengthens the team in everything he does.